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Tele Supply AS, established in 1984, is a world leading company in supply of high reliable NDB Transmitters for offshore installations.

We have a very large market share in North Europe and especially in the North Sea (over 70%).  Several NDB transmitters which was installed over 35 years ago are still running.
High reliability is the Main development criteria for our products.

From year 2002, JACOTRON Marine AS (JTM) has been responsible for manufacturing, assembly and test of all NDB Transmitters delivered by Tele Supply AS (TS).
JTM and TS have for many years operated from the same location.

From August 1st 2010, JACOTRON Marine AS (JTM), took over all shares of Tele Supply AS (TS).  
TS has now become the marketing company for all products, and JTM will continue with production.



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Tele Supply AS

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About us.
Main cooperating Companies

The NDB products has been on the market worldwide since 1984 via a large number of the biggest Maritime electronic equipment suppliers.
Some of our cooperating companies who are either marketing our equipment, carrying out installation, or both are: