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NDB Transmitter Type JTM-30C

NDB Transmitter Type JTM-30C is a Non-Directional Radio Beacon (NDB) Transmitter designed for onboard use on oilrigs and ships, as well as for other applications.
The JTM-30C is available in two different RF Power output versions (100W PEP or 200W PEP) as Single NDB Transmitter configuration with one complete transmit chain, or as
Dual NDB (or Redundant) Transmitter with two complete transmit chains with fault detection/reporting and automatic changeover, common Antenna Tune.
Transmitter tuning to match the antenna impedance is a manual procedure. Auto Tune Unit is offered as an option. The equipment is built upon a totally new concept for NDB transmitters utilizing digital Exciters. The transmitters have the following main features
JTM-30C is indeed an ALL-IN-ONE unit consisting Antenna Tuning Circuits, Exciter(s) (generating the output signal), RF Power Amplifier(s) and Control & Monitoring circuits. The AC Mains & DC Power Supply may also be installed inside the IP66 weatherproofed and ruggedized Transmitter cabinet.
A heater element is installed inside the cabinet to reduce humidity at low temperature.