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TX Rack
19" Transmitter Cabinet (TX Rack)

The Transmitter Cabinet is a 19" rack provided with panels for RF generating unit (Exciter(s), Transmitter Amplifier(s), RF distribution Panel, DC/DC Converter(s), Power Supply / Battery Charger, Cable harness, and terminals for connection to external equipment such as Remote Control Unit, PC,  External Alarm circuits etc. etc.  
The transmitter can be powered from AC Mains (115/230 VAC) via an internal Power Supply/Battery Charger which supply 24V DC to the equipment, or from an external 24V Battery bank. 
Main source of energy for the Cabinet is 24VDC. The DC/DC converter(s) 24VDC to 150VDC for supply to the RF Power Amplifier(s).
The 19" Rack is designed for indoor installation.