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JTM-40CMR  NDB / MSK Monitoring Receiver

NDB / MSK Monitoring Receiver Type JTM-40CMR (NDB RX) is based on the constructions of the JTM NDB Transmitters.

The NDB RX operates in the frequency range from 190kHz to 2MHz.
Various supervision and output options are included, as well as a remote control option.
It is housed in a small box for separate installation, or it may be delivered installed behind a 2U 19" Panel.  The equipment itself is powered from 24VDC supplied via an AC Adaptor.
On the front there are display and key controls for setting of the parameters, a volume control and a Loudspeaker. 
Control and monitoring of the NDB RX is also available from a PC via RS-485 and further to Internet
In order to obtain the best possible performance, the equipment is provided with low noise capability, high dynamics, several mixers and filters as well as a DSP for detection and measurement of the actual parameters.

As a NDB Monitoring Receiver it is provided with circuits to monitor basic parameters such as :
  • RF Field strength
  • Carrier frequency accuracy
  • Modulation frequency (Morse tone) accuracy
  • Modulation depth
  • Morse keying rate and sequence

As a MSK Monitoring Receiver it is capable to demodulate MSK signals into
RS-232 interface or serial output for supply to DGPS equipment.